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Anna Sancewicz

Brand Stylist, web designer

Anna co-founded Design Toast in April 2014 with a mission to passionately help business owners build and transform their brands by giving them a unique visual identity. She’s a big lover of everything beautifully designed, handcrafted and hand lettered. Her tools of choice are ink, watercolour and… scissors, because she spends evenings draping in her fashion studio.


Yasid Oozeear


Yasid is a co-founder and creative director at Design Toast Studio, specialising in graphic design and digital illustration. He has been very artistic since his early childhood, and that’s when he decided to become a designer. His tools of choice are Wacom Cintiq and Photoshop, which he mastered. Apart from working in the studio, he’s creating extraordinary automotive designs as well as concept art and is the man behind Yasid Design.

Design Toast is a London-based studio, but we work with clients globally.
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