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Behind the Branding Process - LOGO DESIGN (Blossom Kidz PROJECT)

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We love designing brands from the ground up. Even though we offer a la carte services such as Squarespace or Wordpress web design, stationary design and many more, creating the full brand identity from scratch is the most challenging but also the most exciting kind of project. 

Today, we decided to share our creative process with you and feature one of our all time favourite brands - Blossom Kidz, which was launched in the summer of 2014 as a high quality weekend childcare service and recently changed its offering to birthday parties for kids. 


After a questionnaire, meeting and brainstorming session we had a good idea about the business and Theres' expectations in regards to the style and tone of the brand. After the session, we could move to our favourite stage - creating the logo concepts. We start with rough pen and paper sketches, select our favourite ideas and digitise them to present to our client. 

First logo design concepts - pastel, flowers, children, coat of arms


After we send the first sheet with concepts to our clients, we ask if there are any ideas/elements they particularly like, so we can work further on the concept and design more variations of it. In Blossom Kidz' case, Theres liked the blooming tree, so we further transformed the trunk of the tree into 2 adults and a child embracing them. This symbolises the trust and care, which represents the brand's values.

Logo concept design branding flowers pastel


When we're decided on the concept, we then send a sheet with colour and typography selection. Below you can see the possible colour combinations for Blossom Kidz' logo (the colour selection is usually the very last step, after the typography). We absolutely love this stage, as colours add so much personality to the brand.

Logo design pastel flowers


As you can see, Theres selected number 6 from the colour proposal sheet. Logo design is the most challenging and important step in the whole brand design process, as it sets the style for every other element. After logo is developed, we carefully choose a palette of colours to go with the brand, as well as typography and other design elements and create a brand board. A brand board is a great (we find it necessary) reference for further projects such as stationary and web design and if you don't know what a brand boards it is, have a look at the first image in the post.

Blossom Kidz logo design, pastel, flowers, branding

How did your logo design process look like? What was your experience? Share it with us in the comment section! 

Or maybe you're looking for the right team to help you develop the right image for your brand? If so, let's chat about your next project - we can't wait to learn more about it!